the employee
wellness journey

Afelio simplifies access to physical and mental wellness benefits.We issue employees a smart card authorized for purchases from a curated list of wellness providers. Forget about credits, points and vouchers, and focus simply on wellness.

Afelio is the simple way to support your team. 

Afelio supercharges your benefits offering, delivering a system that increases utilization to improve productivity and reduce burnout, all with virtually no administrative work.

We partner with the Best-in-class in Health and Wellness

Why partner with Afelio? 

Maximize utilization and ROI of employee benefits

Every $1 spent on health and wellness benefits generates $4 in cost savings, decreased turnover and increased productivity. Afelio simplifies utilization and provides a delightful user experience.

 Attract and Retain the best employees

Offering Afelio makes your benefits program a competitive advantage in the hiring process. Be up and running quickly to gain an immediate edge in filling open roles.

Free up your HR team to do their best work

Afelio’s ecosystem of providers is continuously updated to offer the best in-class services within physical and mental wellness.

Straightforward pricing based on usage

Cost-effective and an emphasis on simplicity, Afelio  charges a percentage of  money spent by employees monthly. No per-employee charge or monthly minimums; no surprises. 

Support each person on your team, individually

One size does not fit all. Employees are empowered to choose from our high-quality, vetted wellness and lifestyle providers that enhance their mind, body, and spirit, and provided guidance when needed.

Up and running in just a few days

Activate a benefits program in as little as two weeks. No lengthy implementations or integrations, no learning curve or training needed. The Afelio process is designed with simplicity in mind at every step of the journey.


No hidden fees or surprises here

Afelio is designed to be employee- and

No per employee per month fees
No minimum signups
No termination fees
Pay fees based on amounts spent by employees
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“Great Solution”

Afelio appears to be a great solution in this difficult environment. They are thinking outside the box when it comes to employee benefits.

John C.
Chief Culture Officer, Series B startup

What others are saying about us

We’re always striving to improve the Afelio experience. Hear from some of our anonymized clients and partners.


Afelio really cares about the employees. We don't have to spend the credit on a monthly basis, but we can save up for more expensive purchases which is pretty sweet.

Morgan W.
Employee, F500 Corporate

“Best Employee Benefit”

Many of my clients have been looking for exactly this. HR & People Leaders are stressed out just by looking at mental health solutions for their employees. Afelio eliminates the time consuming annual plan design process for them.

Sophie M.
Mid Market HR Benefits Broker

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